Job opportunities pivotal for overseas studies; 80% UG students prefer hybrid learning: Wor

US has continued to be the most favoured destination among PG students (33%)

Australia has emerged as the top choice for study abroad While employment opportunities are most crucial to students (37%), Australia’s lower degree costs attract 27.5% of students. US, Canada, and UK follow with 23%, 21%, and 16%, revealed a survey by WorldGrad.

The WorldGrad today announced the key findings of its recent survey on UG and PG students aspiring to study abroad. The company sought valuable insights on students’ preference for hybrid learning models, top destinations, and other factors.

The survey was rolled out to 4000 UG and PG students. The WorldGrad found that over 80% of undergraduate (UG) students and 75% of postgraduate (PG) student participants are willing to pursue their overseas studies through a hybrid learning model. The number stood at 72% six months ago and 55% a year before. The survey also highlights that getting job opportunities is still the most important factor for students, followed by costs.

US top destination for PG studies

The US has continued to be the most favoured destination among PG students (33%). Around 20% of PG students prefer the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Employment opportunities are the most important thing for PG students in all countries (47%) and 56% in the US. The UK and Canada are less expensive because they offer one-year programmes. About 30% of the PG students believe costs to be a big benefit for these two regions.

The proportion of UG students considering a hybrid learning option is highest among those considering Australia and the United Kingdom (86%), who are more cost conscious. 75% of PG students would consider doing part of their first year online for less cost. This is highest among those considering to study in the US (81%).

UG students expecting to start education in the next 3–12 months (86%) are more open to doing online studies than those looking for the next academic cycle (75%). This is due to the fact that they can save time by using a hybrid start.

PG students wanting to start in the next year are more open to online studies (82%) than those planning for the next academic cycle (68%).

Commenting on the same, Abhinav Mital, Co-founder of The WorldGrad, said, “According to this survey, students are more open to hybrid learning models than in previous years. Our part-online and part-on-campus programmes help them save costs and get a head start on their courses. We have also achieved a 100% visa acceptance rate for our students who have gone abroad to study through our hybrid programmes. The information we get from these surveys will help us improve our services and better meet the needs of our students.”

The study also revealed an unexpected finding. 55% of UG students plan to use family savings to pay for school, while only 20% are considering education loans. This shows a high level of independence and a lack of knowledge about loans and other options. Simultaneously, only 32% of PG students want to use family savings and 33% are considering education loans, indicating a higher level of awareness and readiness to incur debt. There are more alternatives at the PG level, so 33% would also rely on scholarships.

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