NMC issues clarification on CCTV installation in medical colleges

After receiving multiple queries from medical colleges regarding CCTV installation/infrastructure, the National Medical Commission has issued a clarification on the doubts.

National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued a clarification on CCTV installation/infrastructure in medical colleges. The commission said it has received multiple queries on the same.

The specifications include – the camera should be ON if the compliant IP is ready. Medical colleges may use NVR for local storage and can send the feed to NMC CCC through the college’s router provided by a local internet service provider. In case the college wants to share feed directly to NMC CCC through local switch and internet service provider router without local storage on NVR then such cases camera should be with a minimum of 3 days of full storage. Based on the service availability, performance and reliability, colleges may use existing bandwidth (MPLS or ILL). For any future bandwidth requirement, NMC will inform the colleges. 

The colleges do not have to purchase any analytics software. For procurement of CCTV cameras and other related infrastructure required at the college’s end, they may choose their approved procurement rule/channel. 2Konvif compliant camera may also fulfil the requirement except at Lecture Hall where 4K Camera must require. Positioning of the camera is equally important. Once the camera and associated LAN infrastructure will be ready, colleges will request NMC to provide an IP pool. IP pool will be provided by the NMC only. 

For connectivity colleges either can use their existing LAN or create a separate VLAN to segregate the traffic and transfer the data via a router or need to purchase a 24-port L2 switch and connect directly with the college router. This switch is in addition to the existing 8-port CISCO switch supplied under the DMMP-II project. College having multiple standalone buildings can either connect all the building LAN to a particular point may be a NOC room that connects to a router or may provision a separate router for each building and drop the ISP connectivity directly to the respective building. 

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