Students protest detention policy to be implemented at JNTUH

Administration to announce decision after considering the results of the second-semester exams of both second-year and third-year students. 

As per a report published in EdexLive, more than 400 students of the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad (JNTUH) protested against the resumption of the credit-based detention policy for the 2021-22 academic year. 

In today’s protest both topics, i.e. credit base detention and subject exemption have been discussed. University requires some time to discuss and take the decision. Decision likely to be made till Saturday,” stated JNTUH updates (@examupdt), a page that shares frequent updates regarding the university on Twitter. 
The administration will announce their decision after considering the exam results of the second-semester exams of both second-year and third-year students, said the university Registrar M Manzoor Hussain. “Once the results are out, we will get an exact number as to how many students are there on the detained list. Following this, we will accordingly discuss and form a committee to take a decision,” Hussain said.  

Credit-based detention measure part of existing norms: JNTUH Registrar 

He also said the credit-based detention measure is part of the existing norms. “These are not new norms. The exemption was provided for one year due to COVID-19. In fact, benefits were given at all levels, including exemptions for attendance and timings of the exam,” he said. “If there are more students on the detained list, then the measure will be cancelled. Otherwise, they will go ahead with it,” said T Mukund Madhav, a fourth-year student at JNTUH. However, students are hoping that the measure would be dropped altogether, Madhav said.  

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